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Valentine’s Treat – The Nuthatch Cocktail Bar Special 🥂❤️

Hope all you lucky people in couples enjoyed Valentine’s Day! We would love to let you know how we spent ours. We don’t go on many date nights but we thought this year we would treat each other. Our favourite cocktail bar were doing a special night which included: glass of champagne on arrival, two… Continue reading Valentine’s Treat – The Nuthatch Cocktail Bar Special 🥂❤️

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Blogmas Day 11 – Festive Cocktails🍸

Christmas is the best time to party and celebrate with family and friends so why not celebrate in style with a few Christmas themed cocktails. Don’t worry we are going to show you a few ideas, ingredients you need and how we make them. We have chosen simple, cheap and easy cocktails for all able… Continue reading Blogmas Day 11 – Festive Cocktails🍸

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Berry-tastic Mocktail Recipe🍹

For all the family why not try the Berry-tastic Mocktail, a refreshing drink! Also, a start to one of your 5 a day... Ingredients: Frozen Blackcurrants, Redcurrants, Raspberries and Blackberries. Lemonade Ice Cubes Apple Juice What you need: Blender, Twisted Bar Spoon, Strainer and a Glass/Cup of your choice. Step-by-Step Guide: Add all the frozen… Continue reading Berry-tastic Mocktail Recipe🍹

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Cucumber Cooler Cocktail🍸

This recipe is to make a simple and quick Gin based cocktail perfect for any occasion from pre-party to Saturday night chill out on the sofa! Ingredients:             50ml Tanqueray Gin             1 Lime             250ml Tonic Water             6 Slices of Cucumber             Ice Cubes             2 TBSP of Sugar You Will Need: Cocktail… Continue reading Cucumber Cooler Cocktail🍸