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True Tea Company – Spiced Apple Cider Tea🍂

What is better than drinking cider and being able to drive after or no hangover the next day? Look no further the True Tea Company’s Spiced Apple Cider tea is perfect for both above. This tea is perfect for Christmas time, which is fast approaching, smelling just like mulled cider but without the alcohol. About… Continue reading True Tea Company – Spiced Apple Cider Tea🍂

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Cucumber Cooler Cocktail🍸

This recipe is to make a simple and quick Gin based cocktail perfect for any occasion from pre-party to Saturday night chill out on the sofa! Ingredients:             50ml Tanqueray Gin             1 Lime             250ml Tonic Water             6 Slices of Cucumber             Ice Cubes             2 TBSP of Sugar You Will Need: Cocktail… Continue reading Cucumber Cooler Cocktail🍸

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Tea Shirt London’s G&T Tea☕️🍂🍃🍸

If you’re a fan of the summer drink, Gin & Tonic why don’t you try the Winter edition, a cup of G&T tea! At first we thought: ‘how do they go together’ but how wrong we were, this is our favourite winter drink this year. From ice cold to boiling hot this drink is perfect… Continue reading Tea Shirt London’s G&T Tea☕️🍂🍃🍸

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Twinings Pomegranate & Raspberry Fruit Tea☕️

Whether you're a tea lover or not, this product is worth a try! About Fruit Teas: Fruit teas are very good for you to drink. This flavoured Twinings fruit tea has only 4 calories, yes, only 4!! These tea bags have no sugar or caffeine and can express the natural fruits flavours leaving a sweet… Continue reading Twinings Pomegranate & Raspberry Fruit Tea☕️